Pellet Grills rely on cylindrical hardwood pellets that are used as fuel for grilling. It’s one of the most different/unique forms of grilling available. The sawdust that is used in this type of grill comes from places like saw mills and lumber yards. With the pellets being only ¼ of an inch in size, they are able to offer a clean, easy burn that doesn’t leave an ashy mess like other methods of grilling. There is a chemical called lignin that is released into the smoke when the pellets are burning, and this chemical adds a wood-smoke flavor to the meats being cooked.

Components of the pellet grill

The induction fan of the pellet grill is one of the main components of this grill. The induction fan ensures that the smoke produced from the pellets circulates properly in the cooking chamber. This will ensure that the flavors of the meat are evenly distributed. The auger is another feature of the pellet grill, and its responsibility is to make sure the pellets move into the fire pot. The auger moves slowly for a cooking temperature that is low and it can also move faster for higher cooking temperatures.

The heat diffuser is present for the purpose of distributing the heat evenly on the cooking surface so the meat is cooked thoroughly. Above the heat diffuser, there is a dripping pan that catches grease that falls from the grill during the cooking process. This can be easily emptied once the grilling is complete. Another key feature is the storage hopper; this is where the wood pellet fuel is stored. When filling the storage hopper, it is important to fill it up to the rim so that you don’t have to worry about constantly refilling it when it runs low.

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