About Us

Hi guys,

Our crew here at Limited Red is focused on providing our fans and clients with all of the information that they need to know when it comes to the latest grills and smokers that are currently available on the market. We care about quality so we want our customers to know all about the very best that they can get in an assortment of different products that have to do with grill and the aspects of grilling. We are always committed to creating the best guides with a compiled list of the different products that are most interesting and provide people with the top experience when it comes to grilling good foods.

Clients come to us from all over the world whether they are professionals or just starting out with grilling to learn more about the techniques as well as the products that will serve them best when they are building their experience and knowledge of grilling.

We are dedicated to helping our customers; that’s what we do best! While there are numerous sites that are available that offer the same information, most of them don’t go into the depth of their research of the products that are available out there, and they don’t pride themselves on finding the very best products for their grilling needs. This is what sets us here at Limited Red apart from the rest. We don’t just add any information related to grills that we find on the web regardless of whether or not it’s a good review or a bad review of the product. We pride ourselves on helping our customers and clients to cut their search in half by saving time and money on products that aren’t the best to start out with or that should be avoided at all costs. We basically just help you with cutting to the chase.

You can count on us at Limited Red to be reliable and trustworthy in all your grilling and BBQ needs when it comes to learning more on the best tools and supplies that are available on the market.

While grills and smokers are great to have, you always want to make sure you have the best, and that’s what we strive on is allowing you to have the best in all of the information that we have to offer. You can trust us 100% to deliver the right information at the right time!