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how to clean infrared grill

How To Clean Infrared Grill? The Best Way To Do It Right

We get it; you love to grill food on your infrared grill. You have cooked up a storm during the summer, entertaining your friends and family with amazing dishes cooked on the grill top. The grill is an indispensable part of your kitchen.

However, your infrared grill can look like a warzone after many dinner party sessions. With vegetable bits and grease stains all over, the grill can get pretty unhygienic and dirty. If unattended, the dirty grill stains can leave permanent burnt stains. With some regular maintenance and effort, you can keep your infrared grill clean.

Cleaning an infrared grill is the same as cleaning any other grill. However, you do need to take extra caution as you are working on heated elements. Follow this handy guide to deep clean and maintain your infrared grill.

cleaning surface

Things You Need

Here is a list of things you will need to clean your infrared grill. It is advisable to have a separate tool kit stocked with all these items so that you can easily clean up the grill after cooking.

  1. A wire brush to clean
  2. Grill scraper
  3. A clean cloth or paper towels
  4. Grease cleaning spray/soap
  5. Warm water
  6. Sponge

How To Generally Maintain An Infrared Grill

Follow these easy steps to clean your grill after every cooking session. This will ensure that

Step One: Brush Out Any Vegetable Bits And Debris

After every grilling session, remove any fallen vegetable bits from the grill. This ensures that the vegetable bits do not char to become permanent burnt stains in the next grilling session. Use a wire brush or grill scraper to scrape and scrub any excess bits off the infrared grill. Taking the time to clean up can drastically reduce the amount you spend on maintaining your infrared grill.

Step Two: Turn Up The Heat

Cleaning grease off your infrared grill is quite simple; turn up the heat for five minutes after you are done cooking. This will burn off any solid bit left behind and loosen up the grease on the grill. Turn off the heat and let the grill cool slightly.

Step Three: Use Cloth Or Paper Towels To Wipe

Once the grill has cooled off a bit, use a clean cloth or paper towels to wipe the excess grease and dirt off your infrared grill. You should be able to remove the grease left behind from cooking easily.

Deep Cleaning The Infrared Grill

Manufacturers recommend that you deep clean your infrared grill bi-annually. You should inspect the grill closely for any possible damage to the heat source, the grate, and the infrared plate. This helps with the overall maintenance and longevity of your grill.

Carefully disassemble the grill to check for any damage. If all the grill elements are in working order, then all you need to do is clean the grill properly.

Step One: Clean The Heating Element Of The Infrared

You need to clean the heat source of your infrared grill. This includes the electric heater and the burner openings if the grill is gas-based. Use a wire brush, sponge, or scrub to remove the debris gently. This will ensure that any food debris does not obstruct the heating elements.

Step Two: Remove And Clean The Grate

Once you have cleaned the heating elements, it is time to clean the grills or the grate. This will require some effort. First, pry the grates from the grill and set it aside.  You have two options when it comes to cleaning the grate.

Option 1: Use a grease removing spray to clean the grate. Spray the entire grate with the solution and use a clean cloth or paper towels to wipe it down.

Option 2: Wash down the grate with warm water and mild dish soap. Scrub the grate with a brush and wash thoroughly with lukewarm water and sponge. Let it dry before placing the grate back in the grill.

Finally, turn up the heat and let any of the remaining food particles burn off. Once this is done, let the grate cool. Wipe down the grate one last time to remove any leftover particles.

There is another way for this. Take, for example, the comparison of Weber and PK grills. On the latter, you can use this technique of scrubbing the grates and it’ll make them look good as new. On the other hand, Weber has an ash bucket that you can just unhook and throw the ashes that were collected. 

Step Three: Clean The Infrared Heating Surface

With the grate and heating elements cleaned, you should now concentrate on cleaning the infrared heating surface. The infrared heating surface is often made in ceramic, glass, or metal. The best method to clean the heating surface is to brush off any excessed debris with a wire brush or sponge. Follow this up with a gentle chemical spray cleaner to disintegrate any stubborn spots on the surface.

Step Four: Wipe The Outer Surface Of The Grill

Once you are done cleaning the grill, wipe the outer lid with a cloth.

Some General Tips To Keep Your Grill Clean

  1. Regularly clean your infrared grill to avoid any major maintenance issues.
  2. Do not leave dirty pots and pans on the cooktop. Cook and clean as you go.
  3. Use a cover or lid for your infrared grill to protect it from outside elements.
  4. Keep a separate tool kit with cleaning supplies for your grill. With a handy tool kit, the cleaning process will be smoother and organic.
  5. Keep the manual provided by the manufacturer handy. This will help when you have to disassemble and re-assemble your infrared grill.
  6. Schedule a time to clean your infrared grill. It can take a while to clean up, depending upon how dirty your grill is.
  7. Spread newspaper to plastic tarp over your work area. This makes clean up easy after you have cleaned all the disassembled parts.
  8. Finally, once you are done cleaning the grill, coat the cooktop lightly with oil; this ensures that nothing sticks to the grill next time you cook.

With a clean infrared grill, you are ready to cook! Marinade the meat, prep your veggies, and get that apron. Don’t forget to call some friends over!

On a side note, have you ever thought of sound systems for your backyard grill area? Just to add a little bit of fun while you are cleaning your grill. 


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