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Outdoor Sound Systems

Outdoor Sound Systems for Your Backyard Grill Area

In this time of social distancing, outdoor activities have been reduced to the minimum. As of now, the only outdoor place that is safe is your backyard. While there isn’t much you can do in the backyard of your house, it’s not impractical. Grilling away your worries with a fine piece of meat doesn’t sound bad, does it? But grilling takes time and can bore a person easily, but you don’t have to worry about this either. 

Watching movies or listening to music is something everyone loves to do while grilling outside. And if you have guests over, it’s also the perfect source of entertainment. The available variants of sound systems in the market make for some serious listening or watching experiences. You actually have quite a number of options, but here are some outdoor sound systems that can give you a sweet-sounding summer:

Passive outdoor speakers

These speakers require an additional amplifier connected to them. They are similar to traditional shelf speakers. Passive outdoor speakers are mostly sold in pairs and have a better sound quality than the wireless ones. The amplifier improves the deep bass and provides fine-quality sound. Some variants can be waterproof, making them perfect for your backyard especially if you have a pool. They are usually fixed to walls and are not portable, which is their only pet peeve.


You can use soundbars for your backyard grill area because they are not only easy to set up, but they are also portable. They provide high-quality surround sound, so they are the best choice for hosting an outdoor BBQ party. Soundbars of brands like Sonos, Sony, Bose, and Yamaha are very efficient for providing prime-quality sound whether you’re watching movies or listening to music. If you want serious entertainment, though, Dolby Atmos soundbars will do a great job. You can check out some cheap options here that don’t cost an arm and leg.


Active outdoor speakers with Bluetooth

These sound systems do not require an external amplifier because they have a built-in version of their own. They are Bluetooth operated, so simply pair them up with your phone or tablet and let the music play. They just need an active AC power supply to operate. Active speakers do not require extensive installations and are portable as well.

Portable Wi-fi speakers

As their name indicates, they are mobile and you don’t need to keep your phone near them at all times. They can also access online streaming services. They just require a Wi-Fi connection and you can control them from anywhere in the house via any device connected to the same network. The recent variants also come with a virtual assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant built-in. The only compromise that has to be made is sound quality over the connectivity range.

portable speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers

Portable bluetooth speakers are the most commonly available portable outdoor speakers that come with extensive protection details. They have better sound quality than those that have Wi-Fi but these require your phone to be nearby at all times.


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