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How To Smoke A Steak

smoke a steak

There’s nothing quite like being able to eat a nice, juicy, tender steak. Steaks are one of the most top gourmet meals chosen by many people to eat in restaurants as well as at home. Steak can be cooked in a number of different ways, and these different ways that you can cook a steak all have a different outcome.

If you are accustomed to just throwing your meat on the grill without smoking it, then you are certainly missing out on one of the best ways there is to prepare your steak.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t know how to smoke their steak. When your steak is smoked, it gives the meat a very unique, yet very appetizing taste. After you’ve smoked a steak once, it’s a little difficult to return back to the old ways of preparing your steak.

Smoking a steak does take a bit more time and a little bit more effort compared to the normal method of grilling it. It is still quite worth the extra time and effort that is needed for preparing it.  The results are rather rewarding. The process, although takes a little longer than grilling, isn’t very hard to do.

Using a smoker is the best way to go about this method of cooking steak, but you can just use your grill to smoke your steak. Below are the things that you will need to get started with smoking your steak:

  • Boneless Steak
  • Rub and spices
  • Smoker or grill
  • Wood chips (your choice in flavor)
  • Metal tray with water in it
  • Thermometer
  • Charcoal

Getting started smoking your steak

The cut of meat that you choose for smoking is very important. You need to make sure you choose, a nice, hearty, juicy piece of steak meat for the best turn-out possible of a smoked steak. While the seasoning that is used for smoking your steak is quite important in helping you to get the flavors you want, the cut of meat that you buy from the store is just as important.

Boneless meat is the most ideal for the purpose of smoking.

While going to the grocery store for your meat and picking it from the pre-cuts is okay, for the absolute best, fresh meat, you should get your meat from a butcher. You’ll want to pick out a hunk of meat that is bright read in color and is about an inch in thickness.

The marbling thickness in the meat also plays a role in the quality of steak meat that you buy. Many people don’t like the marble of the meat because they don’t want any fat in their steaks, but a little bit of fat in your steak actually adds more flavor to it. It also allows your steak to turn out more tender and juicier.

Sit your steak out to acquire room temperature

Before you start the process of smoking your steak, you will want to allow the steak to become room temperature. The reason for this is because your smoker’s temperature does not get very high, and if your steak is right out the refrigerator then it will not cook correctly. An hour time frame is enough time for your steak to reach room temperature. Anything longer than that could pose the potential of bacteria growth on your steak.

If you plan to marinade the steak, then it should stay in the refrigerator for the entire process; a couple of hours. When it is removed then you can begin the room temperature process.

Time to smoke the steak

The good news about a smoker is that it isn’t hard to use. You just have to remember that smoking your steak does not involve the use of flames.

Add some charcoal to your smoker, and then light it until the charcoal turns gray. Now that your charcoal is nice and hot, it’s time to separate it into two different trays.

The metal tray that has water in it should be situated between the separate piles of charcoal. After this is done, you can put your steak on the grate rack above the smoke setup.

Every hour you need to add more charcoal to the charcoal that has started to disintegrate, this way the charcoal stays nice and hot. Wood chips of your choice can be added to the charcoal so that you can get the smoke flavor that you desire.

Constant temperature require

You’ll want to make sure that while you are smoking your steak that the temperature remains constant the entire time. This way your steak will be thoroughly cooked. You need to keep the temperature between 225F-300F. Use your thermometer to check for doneness as well.


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