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How To Use An Electric Smoker

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Electric Smoker

If you love good food, and you love barbeque then you will most certainly enjoy being able to own one of the best cooking tools available on the market. That tool would be an electric smoker. Owning a smoker is quite convenient for getting the best flavors you can possibly get in your barbeque. You can use your smoker for pretty much any of your favorite types of meats as well. The hard part of shopping for the best smoker is choosing from the large selection of them available. There are so many smoker models available with wonderful reviews online so it can be a tough decision.

Our guide to finding the Best Electric Smoker on the market:


What exactly is smoking?

For those of you who are new to electric smoking, it is the flavoring of your favorite meats by using gas or wood.

For a while, it was quite common to use smokers with charcoal and wood. Sometimes propane is used depending upon the type of smoker. However, the newest technology of electric smokers has changed the way your foods are smoked. With an electric smoker, charcoal or wood isn’t needed. While many people still do use smokers that require wood or charcoal, electric smokers have started to become the new trend of cooking. More people are opting for the option of using an electric smoker to cook their meats on.

First things first, you need to know how to use your electric smoker before you can get started right?

Pick out a smoker to buy

You should first go online to search for the right smoker that will suit your needs and level of skills with smoking. Assuming that you are a beginner if you are reading this, you should read some online reviews about the various electric smoker options available so that you can find one that is good for just starting out. Also, read about the features of the smokers that are available online so that you can determine if the features are easy to understand. You should feel comfortable and confident in using the electric smoker of your choice.

Read the instruction manual

Whether you purchase your smoker online or in the store, it should come with a manual with instructions so that you can begin using it. The majority of instructions will have illustrations that you can refer too, which makes it easier to get started. Sometimes a recipe or two is even included to help you with getting started using your new electric grill.

Seasoning and Curing your Electric Smoker

One step that is important to take before you start using your electric smoker that must be completed with any type of grill, is seasoning and curing. In the manual that you receive from the manufacturer, you will most likely be given steps on how to cure and season your electric grill properly. This step is done to ensure all of the leftover debris, dust, and material is cleaned from the smoker so that it doesn’t get on your food. It is also done to ensure that your electric smoker does not develop rust over time from being outdoors.

Heating your Electric Smoker

Once you have completed the process of curing and seasoning your electric smoker, you can now move forward to heating your electric smoker to the proper temperature for cooking your meat. You will need to make sure the temperature is just right so that your meat cooks properly in your electric smoker. Keep in mind that smoking is different than regular barbequing and it can take hours for your food to finish which is why it is a good idea to always start early.


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