Charcoal Smokers

Purchasing a charcoal smoker is something that might come easy to someone who has purchased one in the past before because they know what they are looking for, but when this is your first time to purchase one, there are some things that you should take into consideration. You’ll want to purchase one that is right for your needs.

So let’s move forward to discuss some of the charcoal smokers that are currently available on the market to buy.

Vertical Smoker

A vertical smoker also holds the name “bullet smoker”, because of its shape. This type of smoker is one of the most popular options currently available on the market. Plenty of people own them. It’s popular mainly because it isn’t too big and the price is right for buyers who are on a tight budget. (Electric Smokers are also popular)

This type of smoker calls for the use of a water pan that sits right between the heating source, and the cooking grate. The water pan is necessary for the purpose of keeping the meat nice and moist. The meat is not cooked directly on the heating source, but it sort of hovers the heating source.

Offset Horizontal Smoker

With this smoker, you have the fire in a separated compartment from the meat. There is a very spacious cooking surface that has vents to allow for the smoke to be released when necessary. The vents being present allow you to control the amount of heat that is cooking your meat.

Managing the Heat

For many smokers, charcoal is used as the main source for starting your heat, and the wood is used to add the smoke and the smoky flavor. You never want to use wood for both the heat and the smoke because it can cause over-smoking as the result.

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