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wash gas grill

Clean Your Gas Grill

The Natural Way To Do It

A few years ago I purchased a gas grill from a yard sale. Upon bringing it home the discovery was made that it did not work. After closer inspection, it became apparent that the grill was not cleaned as much as it should have been. Everything was covered in grease. Cleaning the grill will solve the problem. In case you have not a gas grill and you struggle with a budget, we have reviewed the top-rated gas grills under 300$.  

Everyone has a certain way to get rid of grease. Warm water and soap, the normal grease products, and peanut oil are some of the more conventional methods. Having at one time or another tried all of these methods, I decided to try an alternative method, dirt.

The utensils used are simple. You will need a pail full of garden dirt, a shovel, sturdy wire brush, and a hose, to rinse everything off when done. Now that all the materials are in place, it is time to start cleaning.

Always begin with the grill being disconnected from the propane tank. Now the cleaning may safely begin. Remove all grates and racks from the grill. Place them on the ground. Spread a shovel full of dirt on top of the grates and racks. Now it’s time to scrub the dirt-covered grates and racks with the wire brush. Once one side is brushed clean, simply flip over and repeat the process on the other side. Grates and all the racks should be cleaned after every grilling.

cleaning gas grill

The next step is cleaning the hull of the gas grill, be it Blaze grill or any other. Thankfully this process needs to be done about only once every five barbecues. Begin by putting a handful of dirt, or even sand if available, inside the emptied grill. Begin wire brushing the inside of the grill. Starting on the sides and hard to get at places is where I like to start at. The use of a smaller wire brush is also helpful. The dirt or sand absorbs the grease.

The next step is hosing out the insides of your gas grill. Simply tip the grill forward far enough for the water to freely drain out. It helps if there is a chair or table that you can balance the grill on. This was learned the hard way, as while trying to hose out the grill and tip it forwards, the grill went too far forward, and crashed down. Luckily it was still OK.

Now it’s time to hose off the grates and put them back in place. Once this is done just hook the propane tank up to the grill. Now it’s time to start the grill up for about ten minutes. Close the hood, and let everything dry. This will remove the wetness, and stop rust.

The electric grill has been cleaned this way for three years now. I can’t claim that the food tastes better, or my life is happier, but the gas grill starts when it is supposed to. Once in a while, a screw needs to be tightened. Also, the chrome on the grill gets polished the normal way. Dirt and sand are too abrasive to clean the outside. The only drawback is getting people to believe that the steaks are being cooked on a grill cleaned with dirt.


This article is written by Noam Shahar the founder of Limited-Red, Noam is a serious carnivore, And he has a strong passion when it comes to meat and cook, He Decided to review the "BBQ world" 9 years ago after discovering how many people struggle with choosing their dream grill.

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